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Latest updates relating to shows, new music, and/or random musings.

Bandhelper Plug-for fellow musicians 

If you are looking for a way to organize your songs, make set lists, and share this information with band members-you need to get Bandhelper.  I use this on my iPads and I have catalogued over 500 songs which I have easy access to wherever I'm at.

Here's the link:

Private Party GIgs 

I am getting a lot of leads and getting hired for private parties now that covid restrictions are being lifted.  People getting together is overdue and this is going to be a great summer for backyard parties and live music!

Gigmasters and Thumbtack profiles 

I just recently made profiles for both GIgmasters (above) and Thumbtack.  I'm working on trying to book more private parties and corporate events now.  

Check them out if you get a chance.

September-October Gigs 

I just played a private party at Studio Hotrods Roadhouse last night.  The crowd and energy was awesome and Mellencamp songs were the crowd's favorite.  I will be playing this coming Friday in Brookfield from 8-11 PM.  The following gigs are also private party, so come out to Brookfield this Friday.

August Gigs... 

I just played back-to-back gigs in Geneva and Fox Lake, Illinois.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support me-especially my brother-in-law John (thanks for the videos and pictures), along with Kelly and Jay S.

I will have a couple September gigs-one in Brookfield @ Sebastian's Ale and Whiskey House and waiting to hear from Studio Hotrods Roadhouse for another September gig.

Thank you also to Sebastian's Ale and Whiskey House and Studio Hotrods Roadhouse for letting me share my music-both are great places…

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Thank You! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to Port Noir last night to support me.  Port Noir in Lockport is a great venue for live music, wine, and martinis.  I came up here a few times for open mic and I met many really talented fellow musicians.

Thanks Dave for hiring me and I look forward to coming back hopefully for an April date.

Guitar lessons 

I strongly recommend Active Melody for guitar lessons for the beginner to the advanced players.  Go with the premium membership; it's less than $70.00 and you won't be able to get through all the material.  There are instructional videos, printable tablature, on-screen tab viewer that you can slow down while you're playing, and downloadable backing tracks.  

I haven't seen anything like this instructional website ever.  It would cost you $70.00 for 2 hours of lessons-here you get 100s of hours.

Sign up at…

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Elixir Nanoweb strings (13 53) 

Second time I tried these strings.  I bought them because they are supposed to be top of the line and expensive.

They are marketed as "corrosion resistant," but they become pitted after a couple of months.  They even started discoloring my fingers.They sounded good, but

only for the first 4-6 weeks.    I am not a fan. 

Collings Octoberfest-Wheaton 

I played a private, outdoor Octoberfest party this past Saturday.  The evening turned out to be excellent.  The hosts did an amazing job keeping their guests comfortable with outdoor heaters and a firepit and a steady flow of refreshments.  I created an Octoberfest playilst for this party to play in between my sets which included several repeats of Ein Prosit.

The rain held off until the show was over and all of my equipment was packed away. 

Great night-great party!

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